The American Institutes for Research Works and Partners

The American Institutes for Research enhances developing countries’ capacity to better the quality of life of its citizens through social development and education. The American Institutes for Research, with the help of local partners, help ensure that all education levels are equitably accessible across the globe. The organization promotes the relevance and quality of education in developing nations. It inspires institutions, individuals, and communities as agents of behavioral and social change.

The American Institutes for Research works diligently to prevent and eliminate child labor through skills training and education, as well as through interventions in the community that change behavior and attitudes that sustain practices of child labor. The American Institutes for Research has adopted a holistic approach by paying attention not just to the educational requirements of children, but also their families’ economic circumstances, societal pressures, as well as their health needs.

The American Institutes for Research’s evaluation initiatives in developing nations allow governments to determine the particular things that students need to know and have the capacity to do with regard to curriculum and standards. The work of the organization involves international, diagnostic, summative, and formative assessment, and is used as a measure of system or student evaluation. It is also used as an accountability measure at the district and school level. The American Institutes for Research works collaboratively with development agencies, donors, companies like Transworld, and Ministries of Education to coordinate educational enhancement reforms. The non-profit organization’s initiatives allow effective financing and dialogue and strengthen systems and policies for teacher training, inclusive techniques for students living with disabilities, literacy programs, as well as school nutrition and health.

In developing nations, the American Institutes for Research has significantly contributed to a better quality of life by linking health and education efforts. Major health and population studies have consistently revealed that education attainment significantly influences an individual’s attitude and behavior toward health. The American Institutes for Research successfully links health and education by focusing on behavior change communication, school nutrition and health, and HIV/AIDS mitigation.

The American Institutes for Research prepares people, especially the youth, for roles in the international labor market by offering them relevant skills to thrive in the market. The American Institutes for Research creates training programs that allow young individuals entry into various industries that are in need of well-developed technical skills. Other workforce development initiatives focus on offering skill enhancement and maintenance through continuing education for employed individuals and retraining displaced employees. In addition to this, the American Institutes for Research is also a member of the Clinton Global Initiative. Presently, the organization has 3 commitments to the Initiative: Quality education for kids in Haiti, Assistance to the Deworm the World Secretariat, and Global School-Based Deworming.

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