The American Institutes for Research – The Most Influential Educational Research Organization in America

In the 1960s, the work of the American Institutes for Research grew significantly. The results of studies conducted by the organization were now being used to enhance disease treatment. The organization’s overseas work started to influence the perception of foreign aid programs, creating a shift from short-term aid to long term development. The American Institutes for Research also simultaneously endeavored to build human potential and accelerate human performance.

One of the early examples of healthcare work by the American Institutes for Research includes studies conducted in the 1970s to enhance asthma treatment. During that period, the American Institutes for Research founded the Gerontological Research Institute to boost the more effective application of research on the aspect of aging. Later, when AIDS and America’s blood supply became a national concern, the Food and Drug Administration looked to the American Institutes for Research to update blood-screening protocols and procedures. In the same decade, the American Institutes for Research was also at the forefront of leading research on recidivism and juvenile delinquency.

During the 1980s, the American Institutes for Research created one of the initial laboratories for usability testing and conducted statistical analysis of personnel actions for cases involving employment discrimination. The organization also enhanced air travel accessibility for individuals living with disabilities and explored student-athletes are affected by intercollegiate athletics participation.

During the 1990s, the American Institutes for Research helped the U.S. military develop equitable personnel policies, and improved classroom learning using technology, and spearheading an initiative that helped safeguard blood supply in the United States. The American Institutes for Research increased its contribution to the field of education–from evaluating America’s biggest program for supporting high-poverty learning institutions to creating voluntary national tests in mathematics and reading, from exploring the significance of smaller classes to developing nationally reputed establishments that conduct information sharing on essential initiatives for children living with special needs and determining the most ideal education technology

The American Institutes for Research established itself as the most influential educational research organization in America, involved in various aspects of the federal laws related to secondary and elementary education as new needs developed in every classroom and learning district. Some of the American Institutes for Research’s major areas of growth include its phenomenal world-class development initiatives conducted across the globe, its cutting-edge assessment tests, and the development of the capacity of its health program to assist individuals to live more productive and healthier lives.

The American Institutes for Research Continues to build on its longstanding commitment to social transformation that is evidence-based. The organization’s groundbreaking initiatives and diverse expertise are integral to the efforts to help people, governments, and organizations in enhancing human development, as well as improving healthcare, the workplace, and the quality of education. The American Institutes for Research is part of an initiative to develop Syracuse public schools–the first of its kind. The organization is also involved in initiatives to enhance the quality of health care and is creating better lives for thousands of individuals in developing countries.

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